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Sunday, April 15

10:30am PDT

Working Together: Integrating Your Sports Curriculum with the Athletic Department
This panel will present a case study from Towson University showing how the Departments of Electronic Media and Film and Mass Communication worked with the university's Department of Athletics to have students provide content for the Athletics' website, along with the broadcasting and streaming of various sporting events. Moderator: John R. Turner, Towson University
Panelists: John MacKerron, Towson University; Jenny Atwater, Towson University; Damon Lewis, Towson University; Zach Maskavich, Towson University--student
Respondent: Greg Faller, Towson University

Sunday April 15, 2012 10:30am - 11:45am PDT
Pavilion 2

12:00pm PDT

Tipping Point: HD, 2D, 3D One Year Later; How Much Longer Can We Teach Traditional 'Broadcasting'?

In a follow up to last years HD, 2D, 3D panel, it is clear that Production, Aesthetics and Technical skills are moving in an irreversible direction. How much longer can we teach traditional broadcasting without it becoming a "History" course? How much longer can we use analog and standard definition cameras and equipment to teach aesthetics and technical skills to ensure our graduates have up to date knowledge and experience? Moderator: Denise Belafonte-Young, Lynn University
Panelists: Wes Akers, Northern Kentucky University; To "B" or not to "B" - Keeping Broadcasting Alongside Electronic Media
Andrew Robinson, Syracuse University; To Students, ‘codec’ is a Four Letter Word
James Carter, California University of Pennsylvania; The Story’s The Thing
Denise Belafonte-Young, Lynn University; How Much Longer Can We Teach Traditional 'Broadcasting'?
Barry Braverman, Cinematographer & 3D Trainer/Consultant for Panasonic; Teach 3D Now
James M. Martin, University of North Texas

Sunday April 15, 2012 12:00pm - 1:15pm PDT
Conference Room 3

3:00pm PDT

Fairness in the Pressbox: Who Can Fans Trust When the Teams Control so Many of the Platforms?

This panel will examine the growing trend of sports teams bypassing traditional journalism platforms to reach out directly to fans with team-produced stories using social media, internet, and team controlled video channels. What is the future role of the critical sports reporter and how can fans separate objective reporting from team PR.
Moderator: Joey Helleny, Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale
Panelists: Barry Gresham, Austin Peay State University
Neil Roberts, Minot State University 


Sunday April 15, 2012 3:00pm - 4:15pm PDT
Pavilion 3
Monday, April 16

10:15am PDT

Sports Division Business Meeting

Welcome to BEA's Sports Division, established in April 2008. For a long time sports wore the tag of the "toy store." No serious study of the media could include a look at sports. But, times have changed. Academics as well as non-academics have seen that, for better or worse, sports are an essential element of U.S. and worldwide culture. This has led to a surge in academic organizations that recognize and embrace sports as a legitimate intellectual pursuit. A number of academic journals have been developed all devoted to sports, and schools that have sports-related classes, and even majors, are growing in number as we speak. All of those things helped spur BEA to begin a Sports Division.
Sports Division Vice-Chair: Denise Belafonte-Young, Lynn University

Monday April 16, 2012 10:15am - 11:30am PDT
Conference Room 1

11:45am PDT

Sports Broadcasting Programs Showcase

This session will feature panelists from several university programs that produce sports programming. The programs may come in the forms of sports segments in radio or television newscasts, weekly shows or specials. The program carriers vary from campus closed circuit to community cable to public broadcasting stations. Some universities have full-fledged sports majors while other colleges include sports activities as part of a general broadcast major. The panelists will highlight their programs including how students, staff and faculty are involved in the process. The balancing act of how to both produce quality programming and provide students a positive learning experience at the same time will be discussed. Excerpts will be shared with the audience.
Moderator: Kenneth Fischer, University of Oklahoma
Panelists: Michael Bruce, University of Alabama
William Hoon, Western Illinois University
Denise Belafonte-Young, Lynn University
Gregory Martin, St. Cloud State University
Derrick Silvestri, St. Cloud State University

Monday April 16, 2012 11:45am - 1:00pm PDT
Conference Room 1

1:15pm PDT

Sports Division Paper Competition

BEA's Sports Division presents the winners of their paper competition.
Paper Competition Chair: John McGuire, Oklahoma State University
Debut Paper Competition
1st Place: Robert L Kerr, University of Oklahoma; Emotion Work for Merriwell and Billy Clyde: Challenging American Football’s Two-Tiered Gender System on Friday Night Lights
Open Paper Competition
1st Place: Tang Tang, University of Akron; Roger Cooper, Ohio University; Fans, Nonfans, and the Olympics: Predictors of Audience's Multiplatform Experience with the 2008 Beijing Games
2nd Place: Glenn Cummins, Texas Tech University; Dustin Hahn, Texas Tech University; (How) Does Instant Replay Increase Enjoyment? Examining the Relationship between Instant Replay, Enjoyment, and Perceived Violence of Play
3rd Place: Kelly Poniatowski, Elizabethtown College; “The nail polish underneath the hockey gloves”: NBC’s framing of women hockey players in the 2010 Winter Olympics

Monday April 16, 2012 1:15pm - 2:30pm PDT
Conference Room 2

2:45pm PDT

Always Get It in Writing: Production Agreements for Today's Media World
The media world has changed. Have your production agreements also changed? What production agreements do you need today? What types of agreements might you need tomorrow? This panel, composed of three attorneys with experience in media, entertainment and intellectual property law will answers these plus other critical production legal questions. Moderator: Vinay Shrivastava, San Francisco State University
Panelists: Miriam Smith, San Francisco State; Stewart Kellar, working professional; John Da Corsi, working professional

Monday April 16, 2012 2:45pm - 4:00pm PDT
Conference Room 2

2:45pm PDT

Faculty and Student Sports Media Awards and Exhibition

This session honors the winners of the Faculty and Student Festival of Media Arts Sports Media Competitions. Selected works of this year’s award recipients will be exhibited.
Faculty Competition Chair: Denise Belafonte-Young, Lynn University
Student Competition Chair: Tommy Booras, Western Kentucky University

Faculty Sports Competition
Long Form Sports Video (11 minutes-30 minutes)
Award of Excellence:  Michael Bruce, University of Alabama; Bedlam Baseball

Student Sports Competition
Radio Sports Story / Feature / News (Weighted toward Anchor / Host performance)
1st Place:              WMUL-FM, Marshall University; Doug Legursky: A Super First Start

2nd Place:             Brandon Kinnard, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; Titans Outlook: UW-Whitewater Warhawks

3rd Place:              Benjamin Kelly, Goshen College; The Maple Leaf Update

Honorable Mentions:
Mitch Mullis, University of Southern Indiana; The Edge Sportscast

Radio/TV Sports Event, Play-by-Play Talent
1st Place:              Pat Boylan, Kyle Binder and Chris Renkel, Ball State University; Sports Link Radio Ball State vs. Toledo

2nd Place:             Rob Cunningham, Rowan University; Rowan University vs. Richard Stockton College

3rd Place:              WMUL-FM, Marshall University; Marshall Men's Basketball v. Ohio

Honorable Mention:       Justin Allegri, San Jose State University; San Jose State Athletics

TV Sports Story / Feature / Show Element/Segment or News Program
1st Place:              Nicholas Gresham, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Nicholas Gresham All-Access: Saluki Practice

2nd Place:             In the Game, The Pennsylvania State University; In The Game - Episode 101

Honorable Mentions:
Christine Williams, Elon University; Concussions and Congress

Siera Lambrecht, Arizona State University; Sun Devils 101, Episode 6

Aaron G. Moger, Elon University; Elon Men's Basketball Preview

TV Sports Talent (Anchor / Host)
1st Place:              Ashley Hinson, The Pennsylvania State University

2nd Place:             Rich Pierce, Kent State University

3rd Place:              Brandon Kamerman, Arizona State University

Honorable Mention:       Briana Carr, Brigham Young University

TV Sports Event Production
1st Place:              Wesley Charles Beskar, St.Cloud State University; Husky Productions Bemidji 12/3/2011

2nd Place:             Ball State Sports Link, Ball State University; Ball State Sports Link Live: Men's Volleyball vs. #9 Penn State

3rd Place:              Tanner Smith- Ohio University/WOUB, Ohio University; The Bobcat Sports Showcase episode #104

Monday April 16, 2012 2:45pm - 4:00pm PDT
Pavilion 1
Tuesday, April 17

10:45am PDT

Fantasy Sports Play: How Has it Changed Viewer Motivation and Behavior of Sports Media

This panel will discuss how the addition of fantasy sports play has changed the average sports fan's motivation and behavior to consume sports media. Taking a Uses and Gratifications approach, the idea that media context is just as important as the content provided by the media will be discussed.
Moderator: Troy Comeau, Pittsburg State University
Panelists: Andrew Billings, University of Alabama; Art Challis, Southern Utah University; Brody Ruihley, University of Cincinnati; David Schreindl, Dickinson State University

Tuesday April 17, 2012 10:45am - 12:00pm PDT
Conference Room 4

2:45pm PDT

Assessing Outcomes in New Media and Emerging Technology

What do our students need to know in regards to emerging technology and New Media upon graduation, and what should we be teaching them to compete for success in the job market? What means do we have of assessing the Goals and Outcomes to ensure a professional standard of knowledge and hands-on capabilities?
Moderator: Denise Belafonte-Young, Lynn University
Panelists: Michael Bruce, University of Alabama; Chasing the New Media Curve: Teaching and Assessing Social Media in the Broadcasting Curriculum
Jeff Spurlock and Steve Padgett, Troy University; It's Not Your Father's Broadcasting Job Anymore
Gregory Bray, SUNY - New Paltz; Export, Post, and Converge: Assessment Models in Digital Media Production
Don Grady, Elon University; Assessing Interactive Media Graduate Program Learning Outcomes
Tommy Booras,Tennessee State University; Social Media, Academia and the New Broadcasting Order:  It's Time to Get On Board!
Denise Belafonte-Young, Lynn University; Assessing Outcomes in New Media and Emerging Technology

Tuesday April 17, 2012 2:45pm - 4:00pm PDT
Conference Room 7

4:15pm PDT

How UFC and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Are Becoming Mainstream and Are Tipping Points in Sports and Audience Research

The topic shows the parallels and exposes the differences from current sport media research due to the nature of the MMA and the structure of no season and no set cities, etc.
The areas of research are: what is attracting fans to tune into PPV television events as well as discuss audience demographics; how the branding and advertising strategies took UFC from banned in many states to being aired on Fox television; the advertising and sponsorship of individual athletes and the effect on brand attitudes; how fighters and Dana White (UFC) are using social media tools such as Twitter to promote themselves and the brand; and fan identity and how it differs from team sports.
Moderator: Andrew Billings, University of Alabama
Panelists: Natalie Brown, University of Alabama; Fan Identity in the UFC
James Sanderson, Arizona State University; The UFC's Proactive Approach to Social Media
David Sullivan, University of San Diego; How the UFC Constructs Masculinity
Michael Devlin, University of Alabama; Branding the UFC: Mainstream Acceptance and its Impact on Advertising

Tuesday April 17, 2012 4:15pm - 5:30pm PDT
Pavilion 9
Wednesday, April 18

9:00am PDT

New Technology, New Uses: Emerging Uses for Emerging Media
The media climate is changing quickly and technology is in the driver’s seat. So now that you have all this new technology, how can you use it? This panel will look at some of the unique ways technology is being used in the classroom, the newsroom and in the field as well as ways that new technology is providing otherwise elusive opportunities for students. Included in the discussion will be using Skype for live shots in the field and using Twitter to crowd source at sporting events. Moderator: Susan Smith, Ball State University
Panelists: Rick Sykes, Central Michigan University
David Burns, Salisbury University
Terry Heifetz, Ball State University

Wednesday April 18, 2012 9:00am - 10:15am PDT
Conference Room 1

9:00am PDT

Baltimore Ravens Audio Engineer Teaches Digital Audio Mastering

As the radio engineer for the Baltimore Ravens, Matt Bochniak was one of two professionals in the NFL to do true stereo mixes on game day. He puts his professional and faculty experience to work in this digital audio editing and mastering workshop.
Guest Speaker, Matt Bochniak, Baltimore Ravens Radio Engineer


Wednesday April 18, 2012 9:00am - 10:15am PDT
Pavilion 3

10:30am PDT

Developing New Courses in Sports

Panelists will present an overview of a relatively new course in their sports communication Curriculum. They will focus on course objectives, readings, class activities and graded assignments.
Moderator: Max Utsler, University of Kansas
Panelists: Terry Likes, Tennessee State University; Sports Journalism and New Media
Roger Hadley, Oklahoma Baptist University; Baseball Films
Matthew Harmon, Monmouth University; Issues in Sports Media
Don Moore, Ohio University; Remote Sports Production
Brody Ruihley, University of Cincinnati; Fantasy Sports

avatar for Don Moore

Don Moore

Associate Professor, Director Electronic Media, Ohio University Southern
Assistant Professor, Director Ohio University Southern Campus, interest sports production.

Wednesday April 18, 2012 10:30am - 11:45am PDT
Pavilion 3

12:00pm PDT

Using Streaming Technology to Take Your Sports (and Other Programming) Worldwide

The panel will discuss how equipment like the Newtek tricaster is changing the way colleges and universities distribute their sports programming (and other television programs) to a world wide audience. The tools, techniques and issues involved with this venture.  Topics to be covered in the panel are as follows: how to implement streaming technology into your distribution of your college/universities programming ( sports and other college tv station programming); how to use the Newtek tricaster as an integral part of streaming your content; how to organize your streaming content to effectively reach your target audience; issues to consider when streaming content to a worldwide audience; how to coordinate social media efforts of the university television station, athletic department and the university into the live streaming of sports events; and production, legal and university issues to consider now that your sport programming shows will be available for viewing anywhere in the world.  A discussion from panel members who are currently streaming their university sports and other programming content with some advice for those considering streaming their sports and University TV station.
Moderator: Jeff Waller, Robert Morris University
Panelists: Tim Pollard, Ball State University
Philip Nelson, Newtek
Michael DiLauro, Robert Morris University
Paul Oren, Valparaiso University

avatar for Paul Oren

Paul Oren

Valparaiso University
Full-time professor at Valparaiso University as well as a correspondent sports reporter for the Northwest Indiana Times newspaper.

Wednesday April 18, 2012 12:00pm - 1:15am PDT
Pavilion 3